Human Rights and Legal Research Centre

Human Rights and Legal Research Centre herein after referred to as HRLRC is an online platform aimed at publishing legal/related papers and advocating for the protection of human rights, without furthering or partisan to any political, religious or ethnicity. This podium was created out of anxiety to advocate for the protection and respect of human rights. Berinyuy Cajetan T. created this platform birthed name “Societal Issues and Legality” in 2018 and was later revised in 2019 and renamed HRLRC.

With the intention of advocating for the respect of human rights, the founder was also interested in publishing legal papers and other related papers in that regard. This was because he studied law at the University of Buea-Cameroon and it was very difficult for him to carry out legal research in the digital age.

Publish your article with us if it is aim at educating people on legal issues, advocating for human rights and the rule of law, advocating for justice or other related issues in that regard


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