war of gender equality, I am seriously waiting for women to gain power so that my future wife can seek my hand in marriage and also pay my bridegroom price



Berinyuy Cajetan doing what a woman cannot do

yes women are suppose to work with the evolution of human rights and because the world is dynamic in nature and we ought to follow the world and it changes. But the question remains should they compared with men?

From the beginning God create man and form a woman out of man, meaning from creation, man was already the head and God equally did gave a woman the duty to aid or help his husband while his husband acts as the head of the family. A woman will always say it is my rights to do what pleases me or to work like a man. yes it is good but the question is how far can a woman  carried out that same duty dedicated to a man?

I am disturb,  I am worried in fact how can I even describe how I feel, is it that God the Almighty  whole fully failed in making man the head? or that there is a gross  miss interpretation of the Bible by the preachers or faithful’s?. The law of nature actually gave powers to men and not women. I am disturbed!!!

In love as to love like husband and wife the husband is always the top lover when it comes to loving a person. This is because a man will always beg for forgiveness even when he has done nothing wrong against the wife, thus men love their wife’s more than the woman love their husband , thus I am disturb

Women   want power by all possible means but yet are afraid of dying. They are always employed as soldiers and when the time for war come they always remain behind the scene. Do they want just to occupied those positions for power struggle with men or they can handle those positions?

Economically women only want to be working but in high offices. Taking into consideration how men always struggle in our society and work odd jobs, women do not always wish in their life time to work odd jobs or to compare the discrimination against women in jobs like digging of toilet, mechanics, mining, building, roofing, fighting of war, and etc. I am disturbed!!!.

It is rare for a woman to have a good leadership skills because they are the most vulnerable group in our society, they are fragile and very weak in decision taking hence, it take a mile journey of reason to take to understand a woman when it come to decision making as a leader. But exceptionally, there are few who can rule with the support of men an example is Hilary Clinton of US who eve lose the American election in 2016

 Therefore women should work as to support their husband or to support men and not to compare with them because nature will not allow that such a thing should happen.

Men need to love their women, and their mothers every time, take care of them, do every thing to please them because they are vulnerable members of the society.

                   so women should work to support their men and not to challenge them as per natural

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  1. I think African traditional is like a Christianity based on their own way of worshipping God. It’s just that due to the lack of confidence in themselves, they are being brainwashed by the westerners to make it seems like a sacrilege and devilish way of worship.

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    • that is the truth about the African tradition. the western world saw who we were but because they were intelligent, they discredit our tradition which was good and paint but a bad image of it without painting the good part of it. thus taking the good part of our tradition and making it to seems as if they were the people who brought it to Africa


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