confusion loomed the minds of the citizens of Northwest and Southwest region as Mr. Paul Atanganji calls for dialogue to solve the Anglophone crisis with the early rejected peace plants flying at the forefront !!!

during the visit of the minister of territorial administration to northwest and southwest, he repeatedly insists that the government is ready to dialogue and resolve the Anglophone crisis peacefully. The talk and the suggestion of the minister of territorial administration is the long awaited action that the people of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon have been waiting for since this crisis began in 2016.

There is a very big question who will the government dialogue with at this time? Will a different consortium be formed?  who will form the consortium? and will the separatist be included in the dialogue?

Taking a detail look at the measures the government officials have been putting in place in order to calm the situation down, one will instead be convinced that they have been flaming the crisis from lower to the higher level since they failed to take the peaceful method but rather took but a retaliation method which has never succeeded in solving any problem when it comes to internal war between the citizen and the government authorities but can temporally calm but the situation down for a short period of time

Mr. Atanganji also did urge the youth who are separatist to come out of bushes and live a normal life before they are arrested. What the minister did not understand is that the same youths who are carrying this acts are the youths whose either bikes had been seize or whose brother, parents or sister had been killed. So the minister could have rather called for the date and the place of dialogue before urging these youths to come out of bushes so that peace can reign

What also confused the minds of the Anglophones is who are the government officials ordering for the burning of the people’s houses and villages? The issue of burning villages especially in the Southwest region of the territory is fast growing as the soldiers of Cameroon keep on burning villages in the name of capturing the separatist fighters but it unfortunate that once this happens, the youths in the same village which has been burnt down will be left with no option than to joined the separatist in bushes. thus the soldiers with these activities are instead helping the crisis grows bigger and heavier than expected. So the minister of territorial administration should try by all possible and help stop these activities of the soldiers

In many occasions now, one can witness the minister of territorial administration dancing and giving the peace plant to the citizens. It is worth important to note that the same peace plant was use on the 22 September 2017   but the authorities looked at the peace plant with the eyes of the future consequences of the peace plant and ignore the meaning of peace plant, now will this same population also looked at the peace plant with the eyes of the future consequences? The minister should try and physically do what is right or act immediately and not to keep on memorizing what has already been sang in several occasions and people have heard and dance the sound and the same has produce no result

The tears of sorrow will not stop running down the eyes of the lawyers who were severely beaten by soldiers when they were match without any weapon or who were not arm to cause destruction or to killed but were simply seeking for the respect of the common law principles and the equal distribution of resources among the citizens. These lawyers have not been compensated nor justice have been rendered to the. So for the minister of territorial administration to succeed in his mission to bring peace to Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, he must start by looking into the errors of the past and correcting them or must render corrective justice indiscriminately to the people of the Anglophone Cameroon

                       “Mr. minister please start a peace talk by correcting the errors of the past unless it will be but a failed mission”



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