philosophical questions about the future of male population and the fast decreasing rate of the male gender


what do you mean

What the future holds about the male population on earth is still a doubtful question which seems to produce no answer but people keep on asking the same question. Years have come and pass while the female population keep on increasing on daily bases and the male population keep on decreasing. The question now is why is it happening? who is responsible for these happening? What can we do to remedy the situation?

Worries flood the philosophical minds of intellectual and common thinkers patterning to the low growth of the male population. These worries are far more than imagine but its a real situation in which one ought not to waste time before addressing it. This problem is rapidly leading to further questioning but what the situation on the ground holds need a quick attention before it runs out of hand. the following are the attempted philosophical reasons why the male population is rapidly decreasing

The man is always the giver and a woman the taker. This implies that in every situation in life the men are always there to provide for the female and it is not a disputed fact that the giver must be short of giving before the receiver can be short of abundant. Women being in the position of receiving, automatically becomes the gender to be the first favored by long life and men being the givers becomes the first to be favored by death since their bags will first become empty before the bags of the receivers

The men as givers when it comes to sex. Though the males always in almost all the societies on earth looked for women when it comes to sexual knowledge, they are always there to fulfill the condition given to them by the Divine law and nature. It does not necessarily mean that since the male first by Counterflix” href=”#8362285″> seek the attention of a female is to take something from the female but to give some to the female. Hence once the man has sex with a woman, he must lose something and the woman must gain something. This means that the man must give the woman a sperm which is one of the richest organ of a male gender, and the woman then will receive the rich organ from the man and she will give nothing to the man. Thus the man stands the chance of dying first before the woman because the man will be losing and the woman gaining

Physical Stress and hard work is the major reason for the fast decreasing male population in our society today. Though many people will start to ask the question how? but it is good to understand that since before a man got to be the head of the family he must work in other to provide for the family and for himself. Then it is worthy to understand that any human being after work must get tired. Thus when this happens the man’s blood and his body organs must also be tired and be weaken, after which these body organs will die early than that of the woman

Because of physical stress, the man will always have low and weak sperm which leads to less delivery of males. This low and weak organ will not always be able to compete with the organs of the woman who is the receiver, and thus the organ of the woman will be stronger than that of a man which means that there is a high probability that the child to be born will be a female. There is also a low quality sperm because of poverty in most of our societies. When a man fails to eat good and quality food, it will also affect the quality of the sperm and the female organ will automatically have power over the male organ

It is also very important to note that after the physical stress the man still have to go through psychological stress may be throughout the night and not even having a good sleep as days passes by. These mental or psychological stress contributed to the fast decreasing male population in that since in the absent of a peace of mind, there is no magic in which the physical body will feel fine therefore they will early death. The psychological worries will always result from the fact that the man is the person to plan the family, he is the one to feed the family, and he is the one to guide and protect the family. Though being a very hard working man, he will always feel that he has not done enough for the family. Only because of these feelings the, the men will always be psychologically traumatized, and thus contributing to their early dead

Therefore, what is the way forward? Should women take some responsibility of men in order to remedy the situation? Or should there be balance of responsibility in the family and in the society between the male and the female. only God can remedy the situation on the ground and no one else

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