United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 on youths, peace and security building

On the 09 of December 2015, United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution on youth, peace and security and was term UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (UNSCR 2250). Taking into consideration previous resolutions especially resolution 1265 of 1999 and resolution 1894 of 2009 on the prevention of civilian in arm conflict, there was a need in 2015 to recognized the role of youths toward building international peace within their various jurisdiction 

It is but normal that we the youths (age 18 to 29 years according to resolution 2250) have a very important role to play in maintaining peace in our various communities. Due to the fact that many international and non-governmental organization within the national level have been preaching of youth’s involvement in peace affairs, merging together with the protection of youths during arm conflict as per the Rome status Act. UNSCR 2250 therefore highlight five ways in which youths with the help of government (UNs member states) can participate toward peace and security building in the globe. Therefore, the following paragraphs explained what member States are suppose to do and role of youths toward peace building

1) Participation: by virtue of this resolution 2250, the government, all national and international organizations must make sure that youths are represented in all decision making both locally, nationally, regionally and internationally when it comes to finding solutions in maintaining peace. And more to that, the resolution also urges member states to support youth’s organization aim at bringing peace into the society so that other youths can joined the movement toward peace.

2) Protection: Resolution 2250 at this angle urges the member states (and other parties) involve in arm conflict to protect civilians especially youths taking into consideration obligation stated in the Geneva Convention of 1949 and the Additional Protocol of 1977. Within the perspective of protection, Resolution 2250 also stated that the authorities of member states should investigate and bring to justice people who must have committed act of Genocide, crimes against humanity war crime, sexual harassment and other grievous crime against civilian especially youths to be punished. 

3) Prevention: Resolution 2250 urges member state to make available various facilities capable of preventing youths from violence. For example, the government need to create employment opportunities for youths starting from the bases of local communities and support all economic activities like entrepreneurship, making available suitable conditions for youths to be involve in commercial activities etc. Also, the government should involve encourage youths to promote peace through involvement in intercultural and interreligious dialogue. Hence with the this, youths will be prevented from violence activities. It is worthy to note that the case in the Anglophone region of Cameroon where I happen to come from is a clear living example. This is because in the English region of Cameroon having a population ranging from seven to eight million people, have little or no industries which can employed the youths. But rather unfortunate, youths in this region have wandered far away from their home land in search of jobs which the government is able to provide to them. The remaining youths who are not employed and have no means to wander away, started questioning the capability of  this government in 2016. Inorder to achieve their gaold in this region, they seek for Change of legality and its interpretation according to positivist (barons of this country accordingly) to that of Karl Marx and his Economic Approach and interpretation of law which was to the fact that law is an instrument of injustice. The government failed the test which was constructed as a foundation to peace in the preamble of Universal Declaration Human Rights which was to fact that wars begin in the minds of men and it is in the minds of men that defenses must be constructed. The government of Cameroon started building defenses outside the minds of men by using physical war weapons against a nation  and thus failed whole fully till date.

4) Partnership: this resolution stated that the government should partner with youths both politically, financially and technically toward achieving peace and security within their various jurisdiction. Thus, supporting youths toward achieving peace is a way of involving youths in peace building in our society 

5) Disengagement and Reintegration: Resolution 2250 in this case walk toward the fact that member states should encourage disarmament and after which shall take into consideration the need of youths affected by armed conflict. Also, after armed conflict or disarmament, the government should protect youths by creating job opportunities in partnership with private sector so that youths should not feel marginalize by adults. 

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