Both Cameroon and Ambazonian soldiers requisite to decree and stretch negotiations a chance!!!

We shall combat no more, age baron we shall kill our selves no more. Both Cameroon and Ambazonian soldiers will cry and then negotiations shall come to a limelight. That time will determined whether we shall be good brothers or good neighbours

Yes we the male youths are potential victims of this killing. Both parties that is government and Amba soldiers fighting on the field are all youths fighting and killing themselves. Must we the youths be dying everyday in Cameroon? Count how many youths have died since the start of Anglophone crisis in Cameroon!!! And count how many age and power drunk barons of this country have died.

Just in not more than a week how many youths have died either by gun or accident. Blood is raining in our land

Look at the following pictures whether you will see an old man or age leader or barons there. They are all youths. Why our generation in a wicket government. Every war ends through negotiations. While not negotiate now and save souls. Give peace a chance for youths are dying

Youths are being killed every day in Cameroon

Will this our generation succeed without youths?

What can we do?

We need help 

Who are we fighting for? Yes the international community is silent including the United Nations. What should we do to stop killing ourselves?  Our government have refused to give dialogue and or negotiation a chance.

 It is an abomination according to the Parliamentarians of Cameroon to discuss the Anglophone crisis in national Assembly debate.

Then what should we do?. Both parties fighting in the field are youths killing themselves. Then we the youths from both side of this war need to give negotiations a chance. That is the government soldiers and Amba soldiers need to give dialogue a chance and stop listening from the age people who have refuse to discuss the issue at hand but have decided to sent you to the field to go and killed your brothers and sisters who shall be of help to you tomorrow and whose children are supposed to marry your own children tomorrow. 

We shall live as good brothers together or good neighbours after negotiations. Why not now?

Check sense now for we shall not fight and killed ourselves and go and tell the barons of this country!!! We are fighting no more please we are instead killing ourselves and you people are enjoying here. Give dialogue a chance now or we make it possible on our own to dialogue or negotiate!!!!!!!

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