The United Nations to wear the shoes of the League of Nation very soon

The united Nations which was created and entered into force on the 24th of October 1945 exist today because the world leaders at that time so it necessary to create a body which could prevent further wars from occurring like the first and second world war. It is unquestionable that the youths of today will always seek to know the credibility of the United Nations (UN) as an international organization which is out to deterred the occurrence of wars and political insecurity within its signatory states. The UN as an international organization is depreciating as days passes by. Yes, this organization was form to prevent wars and insecurity which always come as a result of economic, social and political misunderstanding or the search for power between the states and it citizens or other states, public figures, religious denomination, tribes and cultural distinctions etc. But it is worthy to note that this same organization which was form to prevent insecurity from occurring especially when the government of a signatory state is a perpetrators of insecurity within its jurisdiction, has now become an insecurity solving international organization rather than a preventing body.
The short comings of United Nations will be stated below

1) The UNs have failed whole fully to act as insecurity prevention body. That is, they always intervene in a conflict when thousands of people must have died in that conflict (insecurity solving international body). For example, the case of Anglophone crisis in Cameroon that hundred have died but UN is still silent while waiting for thousands to die before they can intervene. Also they failed to prevent many and the unforgettable massacres like the Rwanda genocide, Bosnia and others like the Biafra war which claim thousands of lives

2) The lack of UN standing army. If a National government cannot function without a standing army, therefore what will happen to an international government which is out to govern the whole world and has no standing army. Thus the United Nations ought to have a standing army

3) The use of veto power in Security Council. They could have made it in a way that when the issue of security concern is table before the security council, the vote should be by a certain percentage not that all the members can vote for and only one member will have powers to reject or veto the decision even when it is for the interest of justice. for example, the United states will always veto the decision to intervene and solve the problem between Israel and Palestine. And the power struggle between Russia and United states will make it very difficult for them to come to a consensus for resolutions to be pass.

4)  The abuse of power by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). All powers of the United Nations belong to one arm of it governing body (Security Council) whose decisions are final and nobody even the secretary general cannot question it resolution. Thus members of Security Council always act quickly where their interest is at risk.

5) There is discrimination when it comes to representatives of Security Council. There is no doubt that Africa which is the second populated continent in the world has no permanent representative in the security council which impliedly means that African continent is completely excluded from discussions pertaining to world security issues. Note that most of security resolutions in the security council are always in relation to African continent but they do not have permanent member in the security council. Thus I urge competent authorities and the African leaders in particular to pressurized the body so that we can be represented in the UNSC  

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