Will Joshua Osih’s pecuniary policies get rid of Biya’s regime?

Karl Marx once said that, when what is called law depart from economic well being of the masses within a state, citizens should rise against it and later form a proletarian dictatorship which he described as a best form of democracy. Well, people now within the territory of Cameroon knows the economic conditions of this country better than any one else and all is left for them to decide. But fortunately, the masses are opportune in Cameroon to have someone with better philosophies pertaining to fiscal reconstruction in Cameroon. This person will if do as plan lead the masses to better economic conditions (opinion). SDF party presidential candidate is the talking point at all corner in the country following his astonishing economic plan announcement. The following are his 24 points economic plans as presidential election for October 7 2018 draws nearer

The question remains, will he oust the ever rulling regime from power this year?. This is the question a typical Cameroonian will ask after reading the above points of SDF Presidential candidate taken from the Post news paper

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