Inoperable prophecy again on Ambazonian activist as Bogus prophet Johnson Suleman prophesied disaster

A Nigeria man of God said, I give 7days ultimatum to “rebels” holding people in captive to release them or they will be destroyed, they will start fighting among themselves. Why must a fake prophet keep on giving fake prophecy every day in the name of God. Mr Suleman how many years have Chibok school girls been kidnapped by Bokoharam? Is it not more than four years? What have you done? Is your power not enough to give that ultimatum and stop the rebels and also distroy them as you claim ?  It is a shame that the problem of Cameroon does not concerns you. Though you claimed that Cameroon is your second home. What have you done for your first home Nigeria

Sometime ago, you mock God and proclaimed in his alter that when your church member see a Fulani around your church he or she should killed him. That word does not reflects that which from the man of God

Just hear what he said in the following video. He prayed that God should killed any Southern Cameroon activist whether in Cameroon or abroad

Here are number of false prophecy the man of God has given 

Many have reported on this issue as seen below including an investigative journalist of Equinox TV station

What a world of today that men mock the house of God as they wish without fear. Wisdom is not sold in the market but it is inherent in wise men.

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  1. Hahaha sule man the prophet my ass

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