Bamenda-Kumbo road cutoff as separatists celebrate first anniversary of 22 September historic protest 

A moment worth to remember is 22 September 2017 when the four corners of Anglophone Cameroon were shaken. On this very day 22 September 2018 last year, citizens of Anglophone Cameroon rose from sleep, cried and express to the world the level of marginalisation on them by the government of Cameroon. This was prompted by the fact that President Paul Biya was to make a speech during a United Nations summit. 

Separatists fighters celebrate this day (22 September 2018) by cutting off the bridge linking Bamenda and Kumbo or Bui  Division, Dongamantung division and other part of Northwest region to effect their campaign against the holding of presidential elections in Anglophone zone. Report says that the act was done in the night breaking 22 September 2018. The following picture speak for itself

The question remained,  will presidential elections be effective in Cameroon? taking into consideration Anglophone crisis.

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  1. Good report..but avoid putting your make it just and fare..

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