Children’s Right to Education is in a jeopardy and we need to wake up and fights for their rights

 Children are the most vulnerable group and they have been deprived of their rights to education not only because of armed conflicts but also because of our traditions, religion, marginalization or gender bias practices.

A picture of Cameroonian pupils taken taken from

We the youths in conformity with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 together with the adult ought to fight against the neglects of children’s rights to education in our society. This is because when our children are educated, there is high guarantee of peace and security in our society since their education is the foundation of positive reasoning. There are high stats when it comes to the attack on students, schools, and teachers during conflicts in our today’s society. These attacks are gradually or quickly making students and pupils to drop out of schools or not to have standard or formal education. Thus, the foundation of peace and security in our communities is being trembled to the highest level when our children are not educated

 According to UNICEF, an estimated 264 million children and students are not fortunate to be educated globally either because of war, famine child marriage, child labor, and or other abuses ( it is worthy to note that there are little or no opportunities given to refugees or internally displaced persons who do not always have access to education either because of the lack of teachers or classrooms. These negative impacts on pupils and students need to be look upon as quickly as possible so that our security, morality and peace can be maintained. The goal of fighting on behalf of our children pertaining to their rights to education is that which all of us need to contribute either financially or materially.

These contributions to secure our children’s future education will help construct temporal infrastructures to accommodate children when there is conflict in our society and also to help recruit temporal teachers who can help these children either in refugee camps or internally displaced persons camp. Note only teachers and infrastructures are of first important when it comes to violation of children’s right to education but also, there is a need to help these children have their studying materials like books and other learning materials in order to help give a conducive environment for our children. This is also to enhance what UNICEF describes as child-friendly school approach which is to the fact that schools should be operating in the best interest of the children and in a safe environment. This goal can only be achieved if we partnership with one another nationally and internationally for a common goal in achieving our fight against the neglect of child education.

There are many nongovernmental organizations with the zeal to help promote the protection and the respect children’s rights to education in our society. This is done by many nonprofit making organizations through monitoring, giving legal aid to victims and contributing financially or materially for the up keep of the children within their locality for example, Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa 

There many communities, both in national and regional conflicting zones in our society where the rights of children to education have been deprived for years and they need our help. For example the case of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon where its been three years since the rights to education was taken away from pupils and students without any condideration and the respect of children’s rights to education. There are many examples like the case of Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Northern Nigeria, etc

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