Buea Council loses as Hysacam dribbles and score them two goals in their hide and seek game

The inhabitants of Buea, the capital city of the Southwest region of Cameroon has developed a new strategy of doing away with dirt, that is by either burning or dumping on people’s bushes or on streams canals. The town of legendary hospitality which was known for its cleanliness is now a mess as the smoke and odor from chunks of dirt around the city has taken over the space, hence leading to or contributing to ill health in our municipality. 

The town of legendary hospitality in a mess of refuse

The flee of Hysacam, (the company which is in charge of cleaning major cities in Cameroon) from Buea came following the attack on their trucks by unidentified men in the said municipality. It is worthy to note that since the start of the Anglophone crisis, there have been several attacks on both private and public institution depending on the side you support on the struggle, though neutral institutions and persons have suffer the same effects, facts shows that neutrality in the Anglophone crisis is winning big.

Therefore, who is supposed to be in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the town at this time now that Hysacam has gone? This is a summarized million questions worthy to be asked by the inhabitants of the said municipality. But some or the majority are pointing fingers toward the authorities of Buea council because they are in the best position to help in situations like this.

Given that the sharing of government humanitarian aid to inhabitants of the trouble Anglophone regions was the beginning of decentralization as per the mayor of Buea Municipality, the Council is supposed to exercise its decentralization powers and do something tangible to maintain the cleanliness of the town of legendary hospitality. 

For example, the council police can be of tangible use now in helping the population cleans the town, the council can also rents or buy trucks to help carry the refuse to where it is supposed to be and finally, the council can employ youths to take care of dirt for a temporal period while we wait for Hysacam to return to Buea in the nearest future.

Though the Buea council authorities can unquestionably do the opinions mention above to help clean the city, they have remain silent on such issues and many are now wondering what should we do? Where should we go? And who is going to come to our aid? Societal Issues and Legality is of the opinion that the Buea Council authorities should be the ones to answer the above questions with action

Their (Buea council) silent means without Hysacam, our municipality could have being the dirtiest unlike in other municipality. Therefore the council can negotiate with the Hysacam management to cut some funds pertaining to their contractual agreement and continue to maintain the town with it. This will produce fruits if they can exercise their decentralized powers. 

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  1. When you give sex up political information to jobless hopeless citizens, it becomes a political time bomb. Who is suffering. Burn everything, let us see who will suffer

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