Bongwong Justin, only dialogue can bring peace in Cameroon 

A global peace ambassador in Cameroon, a human rights activist in, Bongwong Justin Berinyuy together with the host of  other peace advocates   joins other national and international community reiterating on dialogue as a means to solve the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

While on their plea for the return of peace, they invite stakeholders to rally behind them. 

Here is what they stand for in the following paragraphs

 “We want you to rally behind us as We  engage the world to endorse that the only solution to Peace is dialogue and mutual understanding. We stand for a prosperous ,stable,and war free society where every human live free from panic.

We request world leaders and the United Nation to end war in Cameroon by giving chance to dialogue and set table which must  address issues and bring ice into the affected societies Anglophone Regions of Cameroon being inclusive.

The project seeks to lay down strategies to build a generation free from violence and  a culture of peace in young people.

Working with 39 Ambassadors from Cameroon under the country Director Mr Allen.

Global Peace Chain is going to submit a Peace Petition which states #PeacebyDialogue in United Nations Headquarters with a signatures of 1 Million youth members from each part of the world. 

Support us to share and speak for  a worldwide campaign to promote the message of peace and love. Global Peace Ambassadors from each part of the world organizes Peace Camps, Peace rallies, Peace Walks and National Level Peace Summits.

 It’s an honor and privilege to  be supported in  the petition”

We believe in:

#PeaceByDialogue #GlobalPeaceChain. #GlobalPeaceAmbassador #JourneyTowardsPeace #YesWeCan

Let the world know we need help!!

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  1. What is dialogue and what will you called the process that ambazonia insulted at up station Bda?


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