The Prime minister promised conditional dialogue to solve the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

Dialogue in Cameroon can only work if we walk in the right path. Once the foundation of the house is not well constructed, the house itself cannot even withstand the starting point of a zephyr talk less of its aggravating point.  The recent outing of the Cameroon Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute to the trouble Anglophone regions of Cameroon demonstrates concern and the respect of duty ethics. But at the same, the wind of doubt is sweeping across the minds of reasonable Cameroonians in three dimensions pertaining to the method which he is using and or whether the outing is just to make people feel home before initiating dialogue or it is actual dialogue going on as per his social media tool of communication? 
Dialogue can only take place in relation to the Anglophone crisis when all parties to the conflict ranging from the Separatists, Federalists and the Unionists are involved. The dialogue cannot be unilateral by the stronger party but it must be a mutual approach by all parties. Hopefully, the prime minister may listen and take the right and raw message from the affected people, the grassroots activists and other stakeholders to the presidency.  

There has been commotion within the government this time both off and on line preaching for peace, forgiveness, reconciliation and willingness to open an inclusive but conditional dialogue as the prime minister already made it clear that the separatist leaders will not be included. The question remains why the uproar this time? 

Following the recent development both from the national and international community may be or is the reason for the government bombshell concern over the Anglophone plight. The first reason may or is the informal United Nations Security Council   discussion on the Anglophone crisis which is to take place tomorrow the 13th of May 2019.

The recent European Union motion on the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon is a better move by the International community to encourage the Cameroon government to dialogue with the Separatists activist. Also, the most recent Resolution pass by the United State house of Congress clearly explained why the government needs to initiate an inclusive dialogue with the aid of the mediator. The US house of Congress also highlighted a very important and inevitable aspect of the crisis which if the government is wise they should quickly look to it; that is a return to Federation. 

The unveiling of shocking human rights violations/abuses  by series of Civil Society Organizations like the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the multitude of other organization may also have been the reason for invoking the government recent massive response.

Also, taking a detail look at what the chairman of the main opposition political party, Ni John Fru Ndi of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) told the Prime Minister, one is tempted to say that he was right. The chairman lamented that his party is willing to mediate between the government and the separatist’s activist, willing to talk with the president pertaining to the crisis, that all arrested in connection to the crisis should be released, there should be ceasefire and that the dialogue should be inclusive. 
The Societal Issues and Legality is of the opinion and in support of some Civil Society Organization and other stakeholders both National and International that the government of Cameroon should release all arrested in connection to the Anglophone crisis first before any move to the dialoguing table. We are also of the opinion that the dialogue should be unconditional, inclusive and must represent all ideological differences; that is the separatist ideas, federalist ideas and unionist ideas. We pray for the return of justice and peace as fast as possible. 

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