Agbor Bala reacts to president Biya’s speech with mixed feelings, regret but urged participation

The founder of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, Barrister Agbor Nkongho reacts to president Paul Biya’s speech with mixed feelings. while regretting that his expectations were not made by the president,  he has the following to say

“The call for an all inclusive dialogue is very appreciated. The government should now allow Anglophones of various political thought to mobilize, organize themselves and take part without fear of arrest or other punishment for their ideas.

The announcement of the all inclusive dialogue should signal the end of arrests of Anglophones for their political ideas. They should be allowed to participate without restriction. This is about their future.

I urge those who will be attending the national dialogue to call for the release of all those detained in connection with the crisis, the need for constitutional amendment and also to ensure that the form of the state is equally discussed at the dialogue table.

Whilst my expectations were not fully met in the speech, we should give peace a chance by supporting the dialogue process”

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