A Scenario Based Pamphlet to educate combatants “the Dos and Don’ts of war” the case of Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

The armed conflict which has continuously been described as one of the “most neglected in the world” is fast witnessing a threat to humanity ranging from human rights violations to humanitarian crisis.  The ongoing war with its devastating impact is coursing individuals and institutions to come up with initiatives that can limit all forms of violations against the civilian population. Such initiative is the one by the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, Barrister Agbor  Bala’s  NGO to educate  combatants on “the dos and don’ts of war”. In its media platforms, CHRDA clearly stated that the pamphlet is not to promote violence but to limit the level of human rights violations/abuses in armed conflicts situation.

download pdf copy of the pamphlet below

Human Rights and Legal Research Centre (HRLRC) strongly applauds this initiative. this is because its defined most of the violations/abuses based on what has been committed by both the separatist fighters and soldiers in the course of this ongoing armed conflict in the English Speaking Regions of Cameroon. CHRDA also appeals for restraint and the way forward in the parameters of combatants during armed conflicts.

download pdf copy of the pamphlet below

It is worthy to note that since 2016 when this armed conflict escalated, more than 3000 people have been killed and more than half a million forcefully displaced both internally and externally. While the civilian population continue to suffer most of the human rights violations as the crisis escalates every day, there is need for the international community to look into the situation and use global instrument like the United Nations Security Council Resolutions to put an end to the armed conflicts.  

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