Barrister Balla’s contract terminated from the University of Buea for setting exam on Anglophone crisis!! relegating the institution’s autonomy and credibility

A human rights defender, freedom fighter, founder of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, Cameroon’s finest legal mind was an inspiration to law students in the Anglo Saxon university of Buea-Cameroon.

The request by the minister of Higher Education to suspend a human rights defender from lecturing in the university is believed by many to be politically motivated. This is because the name of the course itself is “political and constitutional history of Cameroon” which warrant a reasonable lecturer to talk about the Anglophone crisis and its roots causes which is the cause of the then lecturer’s contract terminated

The human rights defender was first summoned by the university authorities for disciplinary council hearing, the university authorities in a letter addressed to Barrister Balla did not follow the right procedure. In a reply, the freedom fighter frowned at the letter which was gathered in a line with numerous legal irregularities. The then lecturer replied to the letter in a “Memorandum of Appearance Under Protest” and refused to attain the hearing and also expresses his wish to attain the hearing when due process is followed. the reason for his refusal as he had stated was tilted towards the fact that if he attained the said hearing which his rights was grossly violated, it will be a mockery and that it was going to set a wrong precedent for other lecturers who may be in the same situation

bar. bala and the university of buea

A written request by the Minister of Higher Education to suspends Barrister Bala

below is the summoned by the Buea University authorities

ub dean summon bala in a disciplinary council

a summon by the Buea University authorities for Barrister Balla to attain disciplinary hearing

below is Barrister Agbor Bala’s reply to the summon

bala response to ub enquiry 1.pngbala response to ub enquiry 2.pngbala response to ub enquiry 3.pngbala response to ub enquiry 4.png

below is a document from the University of Buea acknowledging that Barrister Agbor Bala’s contract has been terminated for setting exam question on topics relating to the Anglophone crisis

termination of bala's contract in ub 1.pngtermination of bala's contract in ub 2.png







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