CHRDA unveils a pamphlet to educate combatants/soldiers during armed conflicts in Cameroon: available in English, French and Pidgin English Language

Since 2016 when the Anglophone crisis started in Cameroon, both the state and none state parties to the conflicts have committed human rights violations/abuses in the course of the ongoing fighting between the separatists and the Cameroon security and defense forces in the English Speaking Regions of the country. These human rights violations include the targeting of unarmed civilians, torture, illegal arrests, kidnappings, inhuman treatments of combatants/soldiers including mutilation and torture in detention facilities, etc.

Quoted from CHRDA’s website, they indicated that some of the crimes are committed without the knowledge of the law and that as a human rights organization, they owe are duty to educates them that there is a law protecting the rights of unarmed civilians and combatants/soldiers during the war. This is what the CHRDA said “The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) believes that some combatants are committing these violations without knowledge. Therefore, we bear a responsibility to educate combatants on International Humanitarian Law in times of conflict. Without furthering any prejudice, CHRDA stands to sensitize combatants to these illegal acts, and thus diminish the human rights violations they commit

They also make it clear that their aim is to educate the combatants/soldiers on issues relating to the violations/abuse of human rights and not to further any acts of violence in Cameroon and elsewhere. This is what they have to say in their declaration “This guide does not condone or promote violence. It outlines behaviour that is never allowed, even in armed conflict, according to International Humanitarian Law (also called the Law of Armed Conflict). This guide is not comprehensive; just because a violent act is not described in this guide does not mean it is permissible”

Human Rights and Legal Research Centre welcome this initiative as it will deter and or limit the violations of human rights during the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon and elsewhere. it is our responsibility to promote the protection and respect for human rights and the rule of law in every situation.

To download the English, French and Pidgin English Language version of the pamphlet, click the following link:



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