Where is Samuel Wazizi? American Bar Association is asking the same question. A Cameroonian journalist arrested and detained 10 months incommunicado

The whereabouts of Mr. Samuel Ajiekah Abuwe popularly known as Samuel Wazizi is very unfriendly to the respect of the rights of journalists in Cameroon and the world at large. He was arrested and detained in August 2019 after being accused of having links with the separatist fighters by the Cameroonian government authorities. He is a journalist with Buea based Chillen Music and Television (CMTV) in Cameroon. Since his arrest, he has been kept incommunicado, his lawyers, family members, colleagues have not been able to see him for 10 months now. This is a call for concern as Human Rights Institutions, activists, Law Firms both home and abroad are advocating for the right of the detained journalist to fair hearings. Human Rights and Legal Research Centre is worried about his living conditions and therefore, joining the human rights institutions, journalists, rights activists, and lawyers to ask this question where is Samuel Wazizi? we are also encouraging the Cameroon government to allow justice to take its course by making sure that the lawyers, colleagues, and family members to the detained journalists are given the chance to see him. it is the position of the government to protect the rights of all journalists and therefore, it is very important that he is given fair and due legal procedures amid his trials

The recent quest by the American Bar Association on the whereabouts of the missing journalist since August 2019 indicates hopes for the population, journalists, and human rights activists across the globe. Below is the American Bar Association preliminary report on the developments of the detained journalist

Cameroon: Preliminary Report on Proceedings Against Detained Journalist Samuel Ajekah Abuwe

Click the link below to read the full preliminary report from American Bar Association on the WHEREABOUTS of Samuel Wazizi https://www.americanbar.org/groups/human_rights/reports/cameroon-samuel-wazizi-prelim-report/

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