George Floyd cried for nine minutes, “I can’t breathe” the police officer kneels on his neck for nine minutes and he later died. I stand with the protesters, #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd

When the great nation (United States) upon which is considered the world police is normalizing inhuman treatment of people because of their color, the marginalized groups around the world who look up to them for protection are psychologically traumatized. The killing of George Floyd was not accidental, it was deliberate. The killers should be charged with capital murder and not the third-degree murder. The act was flagrant, while the victim cried for his life in vain for nine minutes, the onlookers plead in vain for nine minutes and the police officer refuses to listen, the action was deliberate as I said.

I support the protesters to continue the protest until the issue of police brutality in the great nation is addressed by well-established and define law. The protest should be nonviolent, should not be destructive nor should it be a rights violation to other citizens. The protest should be champion by singing of songs of change, human rights-oriented songs, #ICan’tBreathe #BlackLivesMatter, #RespectHumanRights, Rally on streets with messages of justice for George Floyd, #EndPoliceBrutality, etc.

Looting and destruction should not be away, those with such attitudes should cease from such activities because they are in other words disrespecting the rights of blameless individuals in the cause of advocating for change and justice for George Floyd. The death of George Floyd is not the first in the great nation, the inhuman treatment of black Americans have been on the rise every day despite advocacy against such inhuman treatment of the people of African Origin in the United States of America. If it is in continuation, I think the case of George Floyd will be the cause for the enactment of laws that will deter police brutality against the people of color in the United States of America.



by Berinyuy Cajetan 

Human Rights and Legal Research Centre is deeply concerned on the police brutality in the United States towards the black race and we encourage the authorities to address the nation on the measures/policies which will protect blacks against police brutality

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