Prenegotiations between Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Cameroon government authorities is a breakthrough towards attaining justice and peace in the Anglophone Regions

The population in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) have suffered a lot with more than 3000 deaths, closed to a million persons have been forcefully displaced both internal and external, and double with economic and sociocultural hardships amongst other problems. It is time for the Ambazonia leaders and Cameroon government authorities to come down to the aid of the suffering masses. The move by Sisiku Ayuk Tabe the Jailed Interim president and other leaders to start prenegotiations with the government authorities is a most welcome initiative since the crisis started in 2016.

This prenegotiations initiative is coming few days after the United Nations Security Council Unanimously adopted resolution 2532 (2020) on Wednesday, the 15-member peace and security body demanded “a general and immediate cessation of hostilities in all situations, on its agenda.”

Human Rights and Legal Research Centre endorse the ongoing talks and encourage other factions of the Ambazonia revolution to join the negotiations process when the time comes.

We pray that this initiative should have a positive results. So that justice and peace can be attained.

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