The UK should encourage negotiations between Government and Separatists in Cameroon for the interest of justice and peace

Human Rights and Legal Research Centre (HRLRC) is encouraging the United Kingdom to look into the situation in Cameroon’s Anglophone Regions with interest for Justice and Peace. The Regions have been rocked by the armed conflict since 2016 with regretable consequences. The United Kingdom government authorities should play the rule of encouraging both the Cameroon government authorities and separatist activists to come to the table of negotiations. The encouragement will serve thousands of lives and also end the suffering of the masses. More than three thousand death counting is gross violations/abuse to the very fundamental human rights we cherish so much which is right to life. More than seven hundred thousand internally displaced persons, thousands of refugees and asylum seekers is causing a lot of suffering to the population. These regions were being administered by the United Kingdom just like Hong Kong-China and citizens of these regions believe that the UK has the rule to play in bringing back justice and Peace. For more than three years children have not been going to school nor have businesses been operating including farming. Women have forcefully wandered from their villages to strange lands while children are on the streets, some have become soldiers.

If the United Kingdom plays her rule just like what she is doing in the Hong Kong case whose human rights violations/abuses is far less than that which is in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon, HRLC thinks that Justice may be served and Peace returns to the Regions.

Let us go to the table and save lives, too much blood has been split, we need to enjoy justice and peace simultaneously without discrimination. We stand for #JusticeAndPeace, #JusticeBringPeace #UK #US #UN #Cameroon #Ambazonia

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