CHRDA blames Military for Gross Rights Violations in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon

In a 12 page document, the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) has reported a number of rights violations committed by Cameroon Defense and Security Forces in the crisis hit Regions of the country. Terming the report, Gross Human Rights Violations, which contradicts the International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the CHRDA calls for cessation to hostilities by the warring parties. This Report precede the recently published human rights document which CHRDA also blame the separatist fighters for gross human rights violations.

Since the Start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016, more than three thousand persons have been killed, more than half a million internally displaced and more than 300 villages burnt. Despite calls for ceasefire and subsequent negotiations from national and International stakeholders, both waring parties continue to commit Human Rights Violations/abuses in the Regions. The Human Rights and Legal Research Centre support any initiative tilting towards improving the respect for Human Rights and justice systems. We are therefore, joining our voices, encouraging both warring parties to engage in a negotiations process and cessation to hostilities

The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa writes “The State Defense and Security Forces continue to engage in gross human rights violations in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon. The Anglophone crises which started in 2016 and soon metamorphose into an armed conflict in 2018, between government troops and non-state armed groups have since seen gross human rights violations and abuses, perpetrated against the civilian population by the warring parties. On August 13th, CHRDA issued a presser, calling on separatist fighters to stop human rights abuses committed against the civilian population, which features abuses ranging from murder, hostage-taking and demand for ransom, recruitment of child soldiers, intimidation and harassment of the population as well as the use of lethal weapons within the civilian inhabited areas among other things. The report featured the most recent beheading of a woman in Muyuka in the South West Region and another in Mile 90 in Bamenda, Northwest Region.

However, the military, on the other hand, is not left out in violating human rights. Between May and August 2020, CHRDA has documented gross human rights violations committed by the Defense and Security Forces. In such violations, civilians are the primary victims. There have been extra-judicial executions, arbitrary arrest and illegal detentions, looting and extortion, poor prison conditions, and inhumane and degrading treatment of detainees. There have also been arson of homes and villages committed by the military in the two English-speaking regions, which sometimes force civilians to flee from their homes to other towns as IDPs or simply flee to the bushes”

To clarify the public on their reporting strategy and impartiality in monitoring, documenting and Reporting Rights Violations, the CHRDA at the end of her report stated: “This report is based on research work conducted in the NW and SW Regions by CHRDA human rights monitoring and reporting officers, it also includes testimonies of victims and eyewitnesses collected through interviews of the victims and eyewitnesses and written complaints by victims and concerned individuals to CHRDA. Documentary and real evidence including photographs and videos showing acts of violence committed by the military were also received and analyzed by CHRDA.”

Read the Report more by clicking on the link below


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