the way forward in solving the Anglophone crisis.

  1. The Cameroonian authorities must recognize the fact that there exist two state under the British and French colonial administration before 1961.
  2. And that these states had an original agreement before coming together in 1961.
  3. And that this original agreement has been breach by one party (French Cameroon)
  4. Then there will be reconciliation between the two parties.
  5. after which the real business will begin between the authorities of the Anglophone Regions and the Francophone Regions that is;
  6. There must be a concrete dialogue in line with the system of governance in Cameroon.
  7. The dialogue must include the Anglophone leaders both home and abroad.
  8. The local representatives must be present like the fons, chiefs, and other dignitaries.
  9. There must be a third party involve in the dialogue for example, the Uniteed Notions. Who will act as a witness to the agreement
  10. The dialogue must lead to the amendment of the constitution of Cameroon.
  11. The amendment must take the constitution of 1961 into consideration. That is, the constitution must reflect that of 1961
  12. There must be effective and immediate implementation of the amended constitution.
  13. The conditions must be laid down regarding what will happen if the constitution is breach by one party.
  14. The examples of conditions will be……Both languages that is English and French languages must have equal status as far as official document and information is or are concern…….Some post of office will be permanently hold by either an Anglophone or by Francophone for example the post of president and vice president, the financial budget must be eqaul between the two states. etc.
  15. After which the document will be sign by all parties involve in the agreement.
  16. And this conditions must be subject to NO AMENDMENTs. Then it must be agreed that if the agreed conditions are breach by one party in future, the only option will be separation If the government fails to recognized that there exist two state in the first place, it therefore means that there will be no solution to the Anglophone crisis. What the future hold as from now is if the government does not want separation, the two state federation will be the cure. Because this region have been hurt and the only cure if the government want to see Cameroon one and divided, is two state federation if at all it works


I Pledged to the authorities to look into this problem while it is still early”

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