The prophesy of Wirba Joseph(Cameroon parliamentarian) finally coming to pass

                        If the Cameroon government could have seen into the future the way honorable Wirba did, by this time around, there could have  not been any problem in the Anglophone region of Cameroon. Honorable Wirba actually said what he thought could be the solution to the Anglophone crisis in the Cameroon parliamentary session when the problem started in late 2016 and early 2017. He cried loud to the government and his fellow colleagues that this problem should be discus in parliament when the sun still shine but the majority CPDM parliamentarians gave a deaf hear to his prophesy.

Honorable Wirba in the parliamentary session  in his famous saying “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty” did urge the government of Cameroon to solve the problem as fast as possible so that people should not take resistance as a means to acquired justice. He later on emphasize that they should be an urgent parliamentarian session just to discus this problem but the president of parliament referred him as “makissa”. Honorable wirba did what he did so that Cameroon should be one as it was but many did not even understand him I main the government of Cameroon and it ministers. Wirba who happen to be from Nso dynasty also proved so determine to make sure that Cameroon should remain one but the government did not gave him the chamce to carried out his almost achieving goals.

Wirba being a prophet of change sound a loud warning to the government for failingly and cowardly looking the Anglophone problem grow mature  for unjustified reasons. honorable Wirba remark in the early 2017 when he came back from the unknown place he is said to have take refuge that even if the government of Cameroon after the crisis most have grown to a different stage bigger than the government itself, the bringing in of the French army will not in any way solve any thing.

He also said by the time my people will rise against the barbarism of the soldiers in their land, there will be no solution to hold them back since they will be determine to do every thing to gain their freedom from the hands of barbaric soldiers. demanding the president of the Republic to call for a genuine dialogue and also for the parliamentarians to have full session only for the discussion of the Anglophone crisis was a big step which if listen could lead to an end to this crisis

but because his prophesy was not taken into consideration by the government, there is a big problem in the unity palace every day since there have emerge so many arm groups in the southwest and northwest regions  of Cameroon thus fulfilling the prophecy of Wirba

Some people will not still believe that it is happening in Cameroon that soldiers are killed, civilian killed by soldiers, houses burnt, bikes burnt, food stuff burnt, and many other atrocities committed in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon not for just cause but because the government failed to convince the population by hearing to their demands .

This things are coming into a limelight after the arrest of the Ambazonian leaders in Nigeria and extraditing them to Cameroon, worth to flame the problem these people since their arrest, no one has ever seen them and is more than seven months. This point coined the very mistakes made the government in handling this crisis  which leads to the prophesy of Wirba in which the government have not yet recognize it, but still making the same mistakes as days goes by that is not listening to the cry of the masses.

Now as we speak, the war on going in almost every villages in Southwest and Northwest not just because these Anglophone inhabitants wants war but because the government had earlier forced them to war. The soldiers tortured, burnt markets, burnt villages, burnt business places and people are left with no choice than to fight back or die fighting.

we need peace, we need happiness, we need equal sharing of the national cake”

” I pledge to the government to hold to the prophecy of WIRBA” 


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