5 (Five) things that make Africa a place to be

Africa is a continent which is located in-between Atlantic Ocean to the West, the Indian ocean to the East and to the North it is bordered by Mediterranean Sea. There are 54 independent countries presently in the African continent and it is the second world largest continent after Asia. Africa is a continent which have approximately two thousand (200) languages for example only in Cameroon, there are more than two hundred and fifty languages. Because of these language differences and ethnic group differences, the facts about African people are diversified and varies within the political, social and cultural domains, the African continent is full of arts and culture, and the well known facts about African people within the perspective of the outside world lies in their cultural activities. The African people are blessed with so many activities like diversified cultures and traditions, healthy climatic conditions and this continent of Africa is also rich when it comes to natural resources for example oil, timber, gold coper etc. From within the above blessings, African culture is the first thing to think about Africa when planning to visit the continent which is in fact a place to be. This same continent feed the world with its agricultural product and it human labor. Things to do in Africa are mainly agriculture, businesses and mining to a greater extend. Also, within the varieties of good things to do in Africa which as existed time immemorial is to enjoy the diversified cultural events or ceremonies and to enjoy the way and how the Africans live. They are interesting places in Africa which if someone live not to see will cost a lot to that person such as Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa and it is found in Tanzania, river Nile which is the longest river in the world and cut across eleven (11) countries of East and South Africa
Apart from the good image of the continent of Africa, this continent is the highest continent in the world which the citizen lives not to forget the miseries of the past. The first imported misery was as a result of colonialism by the European powers in which the African people still suffered the consequences of it till today. These African miseries remains in the minds of the citizen of this continent because of under development and poverty in which they live in today. The maltreatment of the Africans did not end in Africa but also spread to the Atlantic Ocean where our brothers and sisters loosed their life’s in the Atlantic Ocean on the way to America as slaves to work and developed the Europeans plantations as laborers who even work without payment. The tears of sorrow always run down the eye of a heart felt person when he or she imagine how and when our brothers of African continent were being tied and thrown into the ocean without any mercy from the European powers since they had guns which they could shut and killed at will. Still in Africa, the disrespect, the maltreatment of the Africans and the massive discrimination in detriment of the African people in their home land by the white minority remains a regrettable history that one ought not to forget. This massive discrimination was coined as apartheid which was the highest discrimination between the white and the blacks especially in South Africa.
But today, taking less concentration to the miseries, the Africans can boost of their continent with so many reasons to stay in their home land happily as we will be reading in the following paragraphs
Africa is diversifying in its culture.
The facts about African people lies in their cultural activities which varies from country to country and from tribe to tribe. The African culture is the main activity in which most of the people or tourist from other continent do travel to the continent to come and enjoy and also for touristic reasons. Must of the interesting places in Africa which draws the attention of many people from within the continent and around the world is because of the type cultural activities which the natives of the said place cherish so much for example cultural dance, cultural believes etc. it is worthy to note that these cultural values are not todays values but the inherited values
Within the cultural perspective, the interesting places in Africa like Nigeria is a place to be because of it music and film industries which are deeply rooted into the African culture with most of the films having relation to the leadership and the authority of the kings and chiefs. Thus Africa is a place to be because of it music and films which are attach to the facts about African people and their ancestral heritage. When this music’s are being played or stage on cinemas, there is always joy in the minds of the Africans and the people who are present for the touristic site seeing. Hence Africa is a place to be. Still in line with music and culture, in the continent of Africa there a different and several cultural festivals because of many ethnic groups which each usually celebrate its own cultural event. The big cultural event of these different ethnic groups are always celebrated at the end of the year with the aim of showing their cultural activities to the world as it is the case with the people of Tanzania with the Chagga tribe cultural celebrations, the Mbororo tribe from Chad in the Central Africa which also celebrate their own cultural event called the Gerewol Festival and this celebration usually takes two weeks at the end of the year, the Nso tribe in Cameroon and their celebration of the Ngonnso Festival which is usually celebrated at the end of the year for one week, the Zulu tribe of South Africa have a colorful celebrations and the which is aim at giving praises to their great god Nkulunkulu etc. In addition to these cultural celebrations, Drama, films, music and other historical demonstration is what usually draws the attention of the people. Thus Africa making Africa a place to be.
Africa is also a place to be when it comes to African culture patterning to the type of food that they usually prepared. Since culture is always about enjoyment and excitement, the people are interested in things to do Africans like the preparation and enjoyment of traditional food which are usually of high quality like fufu corn, equang, egusi soup, etc. thus being in Africa and enjoying facts about African people or the African food is a good decision one can make in life because the Africans cooked traditional and delicious meals. The joy will always fill the heart of man when the African woman serves the food in the table with dignity and respect before him as per the customs and traditions.
The Africans have a decent dressing code. When we talk of Africa being a place to be, the decency in dressing code of the African people create a sense of liking to belong to this global community which is full of respect. The types of dressing code in the African continent varies according tribal cultures. For example, the madiba shirts are good example of the traditional cloths which are being wear in South Africa, safari shirts which are being wear by the people of Zimbabwe. Thus African culture within the perspective of dressing code makes Africa a place to be

Arts and craft in African society
Things to do in Africa are in abundant and varies from ethnic group to ethnic group. Must of the interesting places in Africa to visit are more of artistic attraction or craftsmanship, which makes Africa a place to be. The facts about African people is all about the ancestral heritage, and for the Africans to keep this ancestral hereditary in remembrance, they turn to put it in craft work. In the African setting, one will witness these ancestral heritages in the form of paintings, wood calving, sculpture etc. The reasons behind the creation of these artistic works or paintings lies in the minds of the people creating it. The Africans values these creations because it is from the creations that they are able to remember the things of the past and the great people of the past. because of these amazing and beautiful creations by the African craftsmen, the African society remains a place to be since the creation of these paintings are worth admiring and appreciating. It is worthy to note that these creations some time leads to the understanding of the past both in the happy moment of the African ancestors and the sad moments. For example, when you see a well calve group of persons tied with chains it symbolizes the misery in which our African ancestors went through during the slavery period, when you also see a man with a gun going ahead and the woman coming behind the man holding a hoe it symbolizes that the main and the traditional activities of the Africans were farming, hunting etc., and when you see group of men with traditional war equipment heading toward other group of men, it symbolizes the tribal wars which were fought in the early ages. The enjoyment of these beautiful symbols which are well painted makes Africa a place to be
The work of art also adds to interesting things to do in Africa since most of this paintings are being kept in the museums for people to come and enjoy it with the payment of fees. Examples of good museums in the African continent are like the Apartheid Museum of South Africa, South Africa’s Jewish museum, the National Museum of Ghana created in 1951, Zimbabwe museum of Human Science etc. these museums have brought a lot of income into the various country in which you may find yourself through the tax paid especially by the people coming into the country for touristic site seeing. Hence making the African continent a place to be
Art and craft man ship does not only end at the enjoyment stage but also spread to the business part of the African society. The people of Africa and their artistic works are widely recognized all over the whole world because of the high qualities of their artistic product in the market. The example of the product which are in the African business environment are the jewelries, cloths, sculptures etc. Thus the high demand for these arts products makes Africa a place to be since many will like to stay in Africa to enjoy these paintings by buying it at cheap prizes and also to produce and sale it
Love and morality in the African society
In the African setting, there are no aunts, uncles, nephews, but the African citizens knows only but brothers and sisters. That is all mankind in the African society are brother and sisters without any discrimination to whether you are a biological family member or not. The African people in all time and in every occasion give respect to all humans that is to both the strangers and the home inhabitants. In the African setting for example, there is a way in which the junior always greet the elderly persons with respect and care, the way of receiving like a gift from an elderly person or from any person, the pure African child will always receive with two hands. Thus lifting the moral standard of an African child
Living in this continent is an amazing decision in which a person can take because in Africa if you respect yourself, you will be given back the respect you deserve from the society. Morals are experience in the whole of the African continent both in the daily life issues, laws, teachings, businesses and in all aspects of mankind. Hence Africa is a place to be patterning to the respects which the people in this continent have toward others
The African continent stands firm when there is any influence patterning to disrespect of their moral values from anybody including the Western world . This can be evident in the recent decision of the Western countries legalizing the gay marriage which is forbidden in the African setting. Though the Western world expects the people of Africa to accept and welcome this gay marriage, the strong cultural and moral background of the Africans have deterred this negative influence by the West on their moral standard. Thus the African society will always be a place to be when it comes to moral values
The aspect of love in Africa is good as the word good implies. The motherly love toward brothers and sisters, parents, friends and in fact toward all human beings is the one which is worth to be appreciated. In the African society, all citizens are considered as brothers and sisters or relatives, that is why in the pure African setting, there is always the spirit of giving or sharing to others who do not have, the spirit of living together and the spirit of love among the people. So living in the African society with your children will guarantee the morals of children to be of standard.
The way the pure African youths dress makes Africa a place to be patterning to the moral standard. The pure African boys, girls and adult because of their strong cultural background always dress properly as compared to the citizen of other continent. Dressing properly here means that the type of cloths a respectful child will wear according to the African settings must not be the one which the most cherish part of human body are expose for example, laps, buttocks and breast. But he or she will wear but the cloths that will covered these cherish parts of mankind for his or her interest and the interest of the society. Thus Africa is a place to be.
The respect for parental care and love is also a type of moral obligation to both the children and parents which African a place to be. The powers which an African parent possesses over his or her child cannot be compared to powers of parents over their children in the Western world. This is because the cultural background of the African parents is to the fact that they should discipline their children to stand on a good footing no matter the circumstances. The children on the other hand should also respect their parents to the fullest. Thus living in the continent in which parents have the right to discipline their children when they are wrong and in which children are supposed to respects their parents is a privilege. Because of these motherly love among the Africans and the strangers, Africa is a place to be

Africa is a place to be because of its natural resources
Within the continent of Africa, the timber like Cameroon is in abundant, the oil resource like in Nigeria which is the largest economy in the African continent, there is also the presence of resources like gold, diamond, wild life etc. in other areas of the continent. The presence of these natural resources makes life easy for the people of Africa and for the foreigners. This is because when one is in need of any natural resource, he or she will have it without any fear of scarcity. Interesting places in Africa to visit are mostly developed by the exploitation of its natural resources. The exploitation of these resources also creates job opportunities which always attract the foreigners and also employs the African population. Hence Africa is a place to be
With the aid of natural resources, Africa is attractive because housing and other infrastructures are easy to run in when need arises. For example, if somebody is to build a house or any other infrastructure, and he or she need to use the stones, the timber, cement etc. these instruments or materials to be use by the person carrying out the infrastructure are cheap and available since there are present in abundant. Thus in our continent the young people or any other person who wants to build a house or who wants to construct any infrastructure are expose to plentiful of raw materials to use in. this means that in the continent, the citizens have things to do in Africa to earn a living and also to have job opportunities like to builds and to invest when it comes to natural resources thus Africa is a place to be
Also with the presence of natural resources in the African continent, citizens like to stay in continent because they are blessed with herbs which are used for health issues that is as medicines against diseases. The presence of these herbs also add to things to do in Africa since most people are employ to harvest most of these herbs for the production of modern medicine like paracetamol quinine, chloroquine etc. In fact, all medicine has their origin from the natural herbs which are in abundant in Africa thus making Africa a place to be. Because of the presence of these herb which are used for healing the deceases have save the population by reducing the level of death in the continent and improve on their live style. Therefore, Africa is a place to be. The presence of this natural herbs in the African continent also help as a research center in the medical domain. since must of the traditional doctors or herbalist use it against the diseases and it usually works or cure the victims. So in order to upgrade this natural drugs to the international standard, the researchers are interested to stay in Africa in order to carried out research thus making Africa a place to be

The rise of Pentecostal churches in Africa. One of the reason why the continent of Africa is a place to be is because of the rise Christian faith, this has brought positive hope in the psychological mind of the Africans. The social status of the citizen in Africa is being upgraded and the level of morality merging together with the need for love of one another by the various the new ideas have help a lot as far as the moral status of the Africans are concern. For example, in Nigeria particularly in the state of Lagos there are many of these churches which helps the poor and to heal the sick like the Synagogue Church of All Nation own by prophet TB Joshua, the Christian Redeem Church, the Revival Church, etc. thus making Africa a place to be
Also there is the love for football profession in the continent. This love for the profession of football has made Africa a place to be in such a way that people now in the 2018 era wants by all possible means to be called an African especially in relationship with the countries which are the top champions of football in Africa like Egypt, Cameroon, Morocco and other football clubs within the continent. Thus people love to stay in Africa also because of the top stars’ footballers like Eto’o Fis of Cameroon and Salla of Egypt
Africa is a continent which lies between the tropic of Capricorn and cancer and also divided into so many climates such as semi desert climate, subtropical highland climate, equatorial climate, tropical wet and dry climate etc. it is worth knowing that these different climates are crown by two main and well known classes of climatic seasons that is the dry and the rainy season. Within the continent one can enjoy the freshness of the plants and other natural creature’s e Thought the continent is blessed with rainy seasons, the Northern part of the continent is full of sun and it is the driest part of the continent which the inhabitants are always in the crises of water and the need for food since they hardly have rain in their zone. It is important to note that within the tropical savanna climate zones, there is the growth of timber of different species, for example, in Cameroon.

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