Joseph Wirba once said “after killing my people, you will throw a piece of meat for them to fight over”

Question of the day. Is money a solution to Anglophone crisis more than a genuine dialogue?. 

Mr prime minister His Excellency Philemon Yang why is it that you cannot use your office and called for a genuine dialogue that will bring a lasting solution to this problem? 

Our people are dying, your people are dying, we are suffering and the economy is down Mr prime minister why?

To organized a genuine dialogue is not even up to a billion francs. But that 12 billion francs will not change the minds of those who have been hurt. Remember that if for instance your only sister, brother, parents or other relative is killed and all your hopes are lost money cannot in any way buy your psychological thought about them. Sir, people have been killed, vilages burnt and businesses crumbled. We need dialogue that will save the future and not money that will halt the crisis.

The people fighting today are not agitating for the betterment of their lives but they are instead fighting for the betterment of their future generation. Hence dialogue with them.

What this people of the Anglophone region are asking is not the created or recent made problem of the refugee crisis that is rocking the region of yours. But instead they are asking for already existed problem to be solve and not the recent one.

Mr prime minister, remember that when this 12 billion francs given to these peple if at all they accepted will finish, they will still remembered the original problem which you do not want to solve.

Mr prime minister, you know that if the military option failed to solve this problem, there will be no other means to solve this problem than to listen to your brothers and sisters cry, hear their cry and dialogue with them in a Democratic way.

Sir you need to dialogue with these people before agitating for the disbursement of this 12 billion francs. 

You are up there and your brothers and sisters are down here suffering.!!! Listen to them because you have a fiduciary power and thus you shall account for when the time shall come when our ancestors will be angry 

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  1. A journey of a thousand miles begins w a step bro keep on one day you will achieve your goals

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  2. Courage bro u are a real nso man. We stand only for the truth which can come only to genuine dialogue

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  3. Keep own bro

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