Must the United Nation Wait until thousands of people are killed in the Anglophone region of Cameroon before they intervene? 

The United Nations must intervene early in the process of solving Anglophone problem in Cameroon. This is because the root cause of this problem was laid down by this same organization with the aid of Britain and France in the 1960s when they refused then West Cameroon self-independent. Must the United Nations wait until people died in hundreds of thousands before they intervene? If  they had the powers to intervene in the 1960s when people’s blood was not threatened as it the case today with Anglophone uprising of 2016 which hundreds of people have been killed and still to be killed. Therefore UN need to imposed dialogue on the government and separatist activist they did in 1960s

United Nations need to listen to people speak and imposed dialogue between the separatist and the government of Cameroon. This dialogue is not that UN should come and divide Cameroon but to organize a referendum which is going to determine people’s faith pertaining to 1961 constitution of the Federal Republic of Cameroon.

There is no need of waiting to send peacekeeping force into this region which will instead be adding more bloodshed to the citizens of this region or Cameroon as a whole. Make a way for dialogue which will not cause a lot financially as compare to sending peacekeeping forces when the crisis most have been aggravated to a higher level

This organization which is supposed to be preventing unnecessary conflicts between nations and within nations is instead solving conflicts rather than preventing it. The question is where do this organization usually be when these minor problems grows into full and bloody conflicts? The conflicts in this region of Cameroon needs a third party to intervene before both parties can be able to seat down and dialogue, then who should be the third party rather than United Nation World Organization which Cameroon is a signatory to it

I am afraid that what happened with the League of Nation is surfacing into a limelight as far as the United Nation is concern. Yes, people now describe this organization as that which ends all it actions in theory, and the practical part of it is all in vain all the times.

Why must the United Nations keep on giving warnings to its members without acting or putting that warning into practice? it is not fair. Look at what happened or what is happening with the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, the United Nation complain of it and do nothing to remedy the situation, they suggest all kinds of method to solve the problem but it remains in theory. Then what is the use of this world organization?

There is a need for competent authorities to amend the governing rules and regulations of this organization because the fall of it is at hand. And the consequences will be worse than that of first and second world war if care is not taken

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