Female Privileges becoming a source of men enslavement.

If the beauty of the law lies in its exception, then there is an urgent need for the human rights promoters to check on the fact that women should be part of their family inheritance without a standard exception. Is it not discrimination against male family members that females are part of inheritance and at the same time opportune to have rights over their husband’s property? Therefore, I am not gender bias but rather seeking for equal distribution of justice.  I urge all human rights activist around the globe to amend the idea of women having the rights to own inherited property within their family and also having the rights to their husband’s property at the same time. 

There should be a strong and customary clause as an exception that ‘’once a female becomes a wife, she waives her rights of family property inheritance”. Thus meaning that a woman will have a rights to inherit from her family when she is not married. Exceptions to this clause will be as follows  

If all children in the family are female, therefore they shall have rights to inherits their property (even if married) and take care of the decease nearest family members provided it is in excess.

If the marriage is not faring well, and there is an eventual divorce, the male(s) who previously inherited the property will be considered to have been holding it on trusts. And thus the divorce female shall have equal rights of inheritance the same as if she was not married.

And finally when the married female lives in hardship pertaining to their marital relations, the male(s) who inherited the property will be under a legal duty to take care of her and the children. And if the male(s) nosedived to execute this duty of care, he shall be persecuted accordingly.

Law is law before and after interpretation but full of exceptions

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