Will president Paul Biya heed to Women shriek? Women called for cease fire in Anglophone Cameroon.

With peace plants they sang songs of redemption and pass with the message of cease fire. And then the tears of sorrow ran down my eye!!!. Oh God the youths are dying,  what will be our future? I wonder!!!. Then I proclaimed “the perpetrators of injustice in this country shall surely pay one day”. And then the sun will shine again while we rejoice again

Our mothers again called for cease fire in the Anglophone region of Cameroon. They cried to the barons, our husbands and children are dying every day why ? Who will take care of us? We born our children to bury us when we become dust, why must we be the ones to bury our children? If you the leaders of Cameroon have mothers, and know who is a mother, listen now they cry because God is looking at you people now. Hear their cry or the wrath of God may befall your soul. Oh!!! see your mother, people’s mothers and our mothers cry for help on the 07/08/2018 in Northwest region of Cameroon. It is worthy to note that their voices are adding to those of the Southwest region who already ask for peace in a peaceful protest in the capital city of Buea

Look at the following video of a father and two sons killed by soldiers who are suppose to protect these people on their way back from the farm. Wouldn’t you cry for peace? Join our mothers and called for cease fire. 

With peace plants they sang songs of redemption and pass with one message, cease fire in our land. The African Union and United Nations, if the rights of women are valued as you claimed listen to their cry and solve the crisis in Cameroon now for they are hurt. Their husbands, children and relatives have been killed

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