Prof. Alain Djacoba announced possible intervention of AU to solve Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

Ambassador of Madagascar and a permanent representative to African Union (here in after referred to as AU) on the 05/09/2018 during his visit to Cameroon, said that Cameroon government and AU is not doing enough to give solid and lasting solution to the problem that had being in Cameroon since 2016. He clearly stated that his coming to Cameroon was to evaluate what effort  the government is doing to solve the crisis. Professor Alain Djacoba Tehindcazavelo acknowledge Cameroon government effort but maintain that it is not enough in giving a lasting solution. Professor Alain Djacoba with the zeal to see where the AU can intervene as far as Anglophone crisis is concern in Cameroon visited the bilingual and multicultural commission boss Peter Mafani, prime minister’s office and the ministry of external relation in Cameroon. 

Prof Alain Djacoba( in blue/black suit) and HE Moussa Faki

The following is the video which he clearly state the reason for his visit to Cameroon thanks to Equinox TV station 

The question is why a delay by AU? or will AU intervene in giving solution to this crisis? 

This organization was established in the month May 2001 in Addis Ababa(Ethiopia) and was launch in South Africa in July 2002. Aim for the creation of this organization was the need for unity among African countries. It is worthy to note that this organization has a functioning Parliament like any other government. 

The youths of Anglophone region of Cameroon are looking up to this promise of Prof. Alain to be deposited at the Parliament as soon as possible in order to save souls. 

What can bring a lasting solution to this crisis is for the Union to force the organization of a referendum and the revisit of Cameroon constitution of 1961 (opinion)

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  1. The current ongoing Cameroon Anglophone crisis is sad for our country and its unity. I hope the AU assist the government in looking for long lasting solutions to solve the crisis once and for all.

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