A journey again, refugees in Adagom camp Ogoja Nigeria rejoice as CHRDA extend their helping hand.

A journey worth to appreciate is that of Bar. Agbor Nkongho and his team yesterday the 08/09/2018 to Anglophone refugees in Nigeria. This is not the first time Bar. Agbor and his team are making such a journey of help to a refugee camp on behalf of   https://chrda.org or Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA)

Let us extend a helping hand to the needy while copying example from this non profit organization which is out to promote the protection of human rights in our society.

Block by block and with the zeal to help, let us remembered our brothers and sisters some where without home, food, and people to care for them. Now  is your time, a little is something and a handful little make abundance. So do not care how much, how many or anything you have, just give the little through an organization you know can reach to the needy like for example, https://chrda.org

This generous walk yesterday by CHRDA to Nigeria is a good one we ought to follow.

Their work is worth to appreciate, let us give them a hand of honour as we view the following pictures.

Since the political upheavals in Anglophone Cameroon since 2016, many have wandered far away from their homes to bushes, Nigeria and within us, and they need our help. 

thanks for your time. Please kindly read, like, comment and share

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