CHRDA challenged Cameroon and US gov’t, calls for an in-depth investigation into Trumann’s death

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (,   in a two page document calls for systematic investigation into the killing of an American missionary to Cameroon. 

Charles Trumann Wesco, an American missionary to Cameroon

Just arriving Cameroon, Charles Trumann an American missionary who arrived Cameroon on the 18 of October 2018 was shot by a supposedly stray bullet during a battle between Cameroon military and deparatidt fighters in the Northwest region of Cameroon (precisely in Bambili) on the 30/10/2018. He later died on the same day after an unsuccessful treatment at Bamenda regional hospital. This is not the first time  a man of God is being killed in the Anglophone region of Cameroon but many have been killed.

Worthy to note is the fact that both the Cameroon government and Ambazonian government have denied being responsible for Trumann’s death while the US government is still mute. 

The following is a two page document written by CHRDA ( recommending a systematic investigation into Trumann’s death as fast as possible.

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