Presidential election in Cameroon was the manifestation of apartheid, Joshua Osih told the constitutional council on the 18/10/2018

Joshua Osih, SDF presidential aspirant term presidential election in Cameroon as the manifestation of apartheid, this according to him is apartheid because there was an incredible or no election in the Northwest and Southwest region of Cameroon. 

Thus, impliedly dividing the country into two by not giving an opportunity to Anglophone Cameroonians to exercise their civic rights. He even told the constitutional council that if they declared him the president, he will not agree because he cannot be half president of the half Republic. Joshua Osih told the constitutional council’s president that if they go on and not declared the result of the elections null, it will amount to apartheid while giving legitimacy for the gradual separation of Anglophone Cameroon from the Republic

While telling Clement Atangana that citizens rights were grossly violated, the presidential aspirant bring into a lamplight the fact that the first people who violated electoral code were persons of high offices like Niat who voted in France and Philemon who voted in Bamenda, but unfortunately for other internally displaced persons and refugees, potential voters of Csmeroon were not given access to vote

He liken the situation to apartheid because a particular people were deprive of their rights to vote in Anglophone Cameroon.

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