Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle Starmmers with the word “the spirit of the Republic” before the constitutional council in Cameroon

Professor Elvis Ngole Ngolle stammers as he make statement in the constitutional council. While recalling class lectures, he stick on the same issue time and again, “we believed in the spirit of the Republic”, “we believe in the preservation of the Republic” etc. 

Prof Ngole Ngole told the constitutional council without fear that there are still citizens of the Republic in the Northwest and Southwest region of Cameroon who are ready to preserve the Republic. The question is then where are other citizens of Northwest and Southwest, Are they not citizens of the Republic? Worthy to note is the fact that people he main citizens of the Republic in this context are CPDM electors 

But what baffles here is that prof. Ngole Ngole at last did not mention any thing about citizens of the Republic in his home at the locality of Bakossi. 

Professor Elvis added that Prof. Kamto and his team failed grossly to understand what is called presidential election in Cameroon. In his explanation, prof. Ngole Ngole condemn the repeated used of words like fraud, Machiavelli, insecurity and others during electoral polls by Kamto and his team. He also lamented that there no justice in killing, destruction, denial of fundamental rights etc. The question is, if the above instances are unjust, then how was presidential election free and fair in the Northwest and Southwest region where there is ongoing now these regions 

He also plead that presidential election result should be respected as there are, this according to him is because the said of elections were free of fraud in the Anglophone region

In fact he and them of the CPDM said nothing important because all facts presented by Professor Kamto and his team are straight to the point with evidence and truth

We await for justice as the future draws near

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