“Your place in the history of Cameroon is at stake” Agbor Nkongho told 11 member bench of the Constitutional Council in Cameroon

A popular Barrister in Cameroon and Africa, a human rights defender in Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (http://chrda.org) and the voice of the voiceless 

Barrister Balla today the 17th of October 2018 challenged in a robust statement the Constitutional council members that they should render justice according to their conscience and take less consideration of the law. While taking people’s minds back on how he was arrested and detain on the 17th of January 2017 for no just cause, he laments and told Cameroonians that his presence and acting as a lawyer to Kamto is not because the presidential aspirant defended them when they were accuse of crimes of the highest order but for the interest of justice and the protection of democratic values

While presenting his submissions to the Council as a common law lawyer in English Language, he clearly stated that Justice Clement Atangana, the president of the council should use his conscience and force of experience with other dignitaries to give a credible and convincing judgment so that Cameroon can at least experience values of democracy for the first time

Dancing toward the tune of seeing law sometime as an instrument of injustice, he called on the Council to depart from law at that particular instance of presidential election and walk toward the part of justice. “I am not a politician” he said to Cameroonians while standing on the side of democracy and justice for the benefit of all citizens and to the side of obtaining justice and security to the highest order. 

Founder and CEO ( chief executive officer) of Centre For Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (http://chrda.org) challenge the so called ministers of Anglophone origin to if their hands are clean pertaining to the uprising in Anglophone Cameroon visit their villages. This was in other word condemning the management and credibility of Mr. Paul Biya’s government. 

Admitting that there was insecurity in the Anglophone region of Cameroon on the 7th of October 2018, the human rights defender told the Council that he was present in Buea where event top government officials were not secure as the Divisional Officer of Buea was shot on the arm by separatist fighters. This scenario of insecurity within the jurisdiction of Anglophone regions of Cameroon impliedly show that common citizens were not able to vote on that day. This security threat displaced more than 70% citizens from their voting areas and keep at least 28% of potential voters indoors within the Anglophone community. These anomalies impliedly show that there was no credible presidential election in Anglophone Cameroon. Therefore, He pleaded for partial cancelation of presidential election result in the Northwest and Southwest region  

You people should look at the country Cameroon rather than the person who appointed you because “Your place in the history of this Country is at stake” Barrister Agbor Nkongho told the members of Constitutional Council. Thus, he pleaded that the Council should declare the election result of the Northwest and Southwest null and void.
Barrister Ikome Mbella who has practice for more than forty years in legal profesion also hint to the point as he told the council members how the Anglophone region which constitutes more than 25% population and more than 40% economic development were deprive of their civic rights to choose their leader because of insecurity. While enlightening how two countries came together in 1961as per the write up of Mr. Thomson from Britain, he plead that the presidential election result in the Northwest and Southwest should be declared void because of insecurity, fraud and irregularities during the polls

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