Southwest elites glimmered fervor to halt All Anglophone Conference in their region.

Chanting songs of politics and tilting toward self interest they trudged and pass. Saying with the aperture of no future devices “we are one and indivisible country”. Thousand memo cuts across the territory and the departed souls cry of their martyr and then blood is aggravated in the Queens land. 

Why must all anglophone conference be denied by Southwest elites (majority of them are CPDM barons)?, why must you southwest elites not force the parliamentarians to discuss our problems since it started or even now?, you demand for more troops in our region why? Do you know that dialogue or negotiations is preferable than adding troops here? Why can’t you called for government and the separatist leaders to withdraw their troops from this region of yours and give dialogue a Chance than calling for more troops. 

Do you know that the same mistakes made by our previous leaders are still being made today by you? Why must you fight and innocent civilians died while we will still go back to table. 

I therefore urge the Southwest elite to used their office to bring  peace by calling for a ceased fire rather than ordering for more troops. The following is coined from the sun news paper for more information

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