Cameroon government mock justice again, Ambazonian leaders remains incommunicado while legal team wait at court

Justice overdue is always perceived in the eye of a legal inclined soul as justice shorn of. The case of the Southern Cameroon movement leaders who were extradited from Nigeria as far back in January 2018 was supposed to be heard today but unfortunately they were nowhere to be seen. My grandfather taught me that people learned from mistakes they made early. But it seems Cameroon government does not hold to that wise saying. This is because they made the same mistakes every day since the start of Anglophone crisis by not giving justice a chance, while at each stage the crisis aggravates to a different level higher than the previous ones

Mr. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe (separatist leader) and his closed collaborators (46 in number)who were extradited from Nigeria were to appeared in court today 30th August 2018 for their first public appearance but were nowhere to be seen

The legal team supervised by Barrister John Fru Nsoh, with dignity to his legal profession filled an appeal on the bases of habeas corpus (request for the release of the body to appeared physically in the court of law so that the judge can decide his faith pertaining to detention). But unfortunately, his appeal was repudiated. Thus making the law to be seen from the view of Karl Marx as an instrument of domination or of injustice by many today because of the type of people put in place to manage the system
“How can you defend your clients when you have no chance to talk to them” is a wondering question by Barrister John Fru Nso to the public and to the custodian of law in particular

Uncertainty of their where about and of the near future is looming in the minds of the citizen of Anglophone region of Cameroon. Because of this uncertainty the capital city of Southwest is becoming noiseless as citizens flew out of fear to safety zones  

Are these people really in Cameroon? The question of the day.

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