Uncertainty looms in Anglophone zone, mass evacuation, IDPs crisis and salable motorists advance as citizens wander to other zones of Cameroon.

The town of legendary hospitality is running dry, Bamenda is deserted and other cities within the jurisdiction of Anglophone Cameroon are empty, following the Anglophone crisis which started in 2016. There have been gun battle between the Ambazonia soldiers and Cameroon soldiers for past days especially in capital cities of this zone.

Many have died in this Anglophone crisis and they do not want to continue dying and losing their love ones, an emigrants testified. For example, yesterday the 11/09/2018, one soldier was killed at Mile 16 a locality in Buea together with two civilians.

This mass exodus is also link to orders from the Ambazonian soldiers that there will not be movement within the jurisdiction of Anglophone region as from the 16 of September 2018

With this mass exodus of citizens to other part of the country, that is how internally displaced persons crisis persist because of lack and shortage of shelters to host them in their respective refuge areas

We therefore urge competent authorities within the national and international position to come to our aid. For there is serious war looming that may likely lead to genocide

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