Breaking, Bamenda entrance block, buses destroyed and IDs seized by anonymous gunmen

It is clear that vehicles are still trapped in Akum the Northwest region of Cameroon breaking this morning the 09/09/2018 (7:am). The news not yet confirm is that the  vehicles below were destroy by Ambazonia soldiers as a result of movement band by ADF out of Ambazonia.

Pictures can also be drowned from this scenario tilting toward the fact that separatist fighters are aim at cutting the road linking other cities and Anglophone Cameroon

Therefore, travlers from Bamenda who boarded last night to other cities like Douala, Buea, Yaoundé, west region etc are still trapped in Akum while some have gone back. 

The situation is worsening in the Anglophone region of Cameroon as days passes by. It also come to our notice that the identity cards of travelers were destroyed last night by the said attackers

Thus, there is a need for negotiations while it is still early because many have taken the advantage of this crisis to commit crimes in this region

The road can also be seen duck below using a construction machine. The questions remained what actually transpired behind the scene of this attack? How can this hourly attack took place within such a strategic and near by area to the main city without the notice of authorities? Such questions are possible to be ask by a reasonable Cameroonian.

The pictures below show that a construction machine was use in destroying the vehicles

It also seems the Amour Mezam buses were targeted as sources say they have been warned several times for collaborating with defend forces 

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