With impartiality, CHRDA vigorously demand for immediate released of the kidnapped Nkwen students

As part of their goal to monitor, condemn and reports on human rights abuses in our society, Centre for Human Rights and democracy in Africa (https:/chrda.org) urges in a two page document the kidnapers and the perpetrators of such act to immediately and unconditionally released the students kidnapped from Presbyterian college Nkwen, the Northwest region of Cameroon by unknown perpetrators and to an unknown location. While labeling the act to that of terrosm, they clearly states that the act itself is a violation of national and international laws which protect children during wars and in conflicting zones. The said students were kidnapped in the early hours of 5/11/2018 to an undisclosed location, though with conflicting number of students missing, the school authorities have given their own version of the story indicating that they were 78 in number

Images of students kidnapped taken from National Telegraph of Eric Tataw

The following is a two page document from CHRDA demanding the perpetrators to released the said students

Categories: Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa

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