“NO to hate speech, YES to love speech” we agree with CHRDA in partnership with CIVICUS in our society

Hate speech had created wars, hate speech is creating wars and hate speech will create wars if care is note taken, let us join Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa(https://chrda.org) and say NO to hate speech and YES to love speech in Cameroon. Let us denounce hate speech for it has created and inflict both physical and psychological pain and sufferings on mankind. Articulates no words that can incite hatred against a group of people, against individuals, against a tribe, against a religion, against a nation or against public figures for it creates hatred in the minds of men

civicus photo

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) will be organizing in partnership with CIVICUS (https://civicus.org), a three day hate speech forum as from the 16th to the 18th of November 2018 in Cameroon. This program will take place at Pan African Institute for Development in West Africa’s hall, the capital city of the Southwest Region of Cameroon

The program aim at schooling mostly youths on the importance of fighting against hate speech in Cameroon and the globe as a whole is a resourcefulness of CIVICUS as part of their civic space initiative in partnership with organizations around the world. The targeted groups of people for this upcoming event are mostly youths in recognition of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 which gives priority and encourage the involvement of youths in decision making in our society

Citizens of good faith all over the globe, village by village, tribe by tribe, nation by nation and region by region let us rise up as one united people and say NO to hate speech and YES to love speech. Let us overflow our social media platforms with love speech and discourage hate speech by reporting to competent authorities any act of hate speech for sanctions. Let us say NO to hate speech in Cameroon, in Africa and in the world as a whole.

We are one and we stand as united people against words in favor of tribalism, nepotism, hatred, racial discrimination and religious condemnation in our society for they create conflicts in our communities particularly in Cameroon.

No person including top government officials within the globe should be exempted from punishment when it comes to hate speech crimes. Let us rise up and say NO to hate speech and YES to love speech

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  1. Great initiative, hope

    Make it. Thumps up

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