Cameroon president promise to neutralize separatist fighters in his end of year speech 2018

What can be worded as an astonish speech is the end of year speech of the president of Cameroon 2018, today the 31st of December 2018, citizens of Cameroon especially those of the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon were surprise with the speech of the president admitting what is happening in the country pertaining to the Anglophone crisis which has been rocking the country since 2016.

Cameroon president  debunks dialogue as a means to solve Anglophone crisis in his end of year speech 2018

The president of the Republic avoided mentioning the initiation of dialogue as a means to end political ups and downs in the Anglophone regions, but promise hell to armed groups who will fail to lay down their arms as he unilaterally created a disarmament commission to disarm the separatist fighters. 

Taking into consideration the creation of disarmament commission, the president reiterate that he will instruct the soldiers to neutralized separatist fighters without any hesitation if they debunks his call for laying down of arms

Admitting his seven years term which has just begun, he promise to make sure that there is an improvement in the economic conditions of the Cameroonian community. Restating the fact that there is an improvement in democratic institutions in Cameroon, the president also promise to improve on that sector

 President Paul Biya, did not end in promising an improvement in the economic and democratic institution, but also reduce what we called 2035 emergence to a common improvement in the present situation which if look from the other side will disfavor the minds of Cameroonians who are longing to see an emergence Cameroon and not mere improvement of the present situation. 

The president of the Republic also express sympathy to the population of Northwest and Southwest by admitting that he is sensitive of the pain they are going through. Bringing the issue of bokoharam into the scene, the president promises to bring peace in Cameroon. 

All in all, what the national and internal community expected more from the president was how to solve the Anglophone crisis. But he did not lay more emphasis on that. 

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