War crimes and crimes against Humanity in Cameroon, CHRDA Relaunched its Human Rights Report amid 2019 Human Rights Day Commemoration

Since its escalation in 2016, the ongoing armed conflict in Cameroon’s Anglophone Regions have witnessed gross human rights violations/abuses amounting to war crimes and crimes against Humanity (Revealed in the Human Rights Report “Cameroon’s Unfolding Catastrophe”). According to Reports from national and international Civil Society Organizations, more than 3000 people have been killed, more than 200 villages burnt, more than 500,000 persons internally displaced, more than 50, 000 refugee registered in Nigeria and thousands are seeking asylum across the world. While celebrating the international Human Rights Day 10th December 2019, the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa schooled the participant on the role of Civil Society Organizations in promoting and protecting Human Rights.

Download the Human Rights Report here: CHRDA, Cameroon Human Rights Report


While distributing the report “Cameroon’s Unfolding Catastrophe” to participants, the Centre also encourages them to promote peace as a means of deterring such violations and abuses.

It is time for the warring parties to the Anglophone crisis to start taking into consideration the international principles on humanitarian and human rights law during conflicts. We of the HRLRC encourages the government and Separatist activists to call for a ceasefire in the regions and pathways toward finding a lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis as we hope for justice and the return of peace.

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