Taking the battle at the gates and to the enemy camp without fear

The battle against injustice is and will be the cause of justice this year 2020. I will be breaking barriers constructed by perpetrators into the path of justice. I, you and we all shall not allow the perpetrators to take advantage of our silence anymore. The concept of peace is the one every society needs by all means and cost. But there is only one way to peace in every society which is justice. Justice encompasses all ingredients of peace and in that regards defines and shape peace. Nothing shall work the way it ought to be in the nearest future if youths fail to walk in the trail of positive change


In that reputes, I am inviting youths to take to the walls of every medium of communication and advocate against injustice in all its form and character. I will be taking my career to the next level, the career that satisfy not only me but the one that bring change and benefit to the society which I cherish. Nothing will happen well if we do not plan the battle against injustice ahead of us. My, your or our generation must make history in the history of positive change to the generations to come.


Human Right and Legal Research Centre will be engage in a series of advocacy aim at casting to the dust basket activities which we considered to be unjust to the well-being of the society. We will be publishing legal, human rights papers and other related papers for the purpose of contributing to the attainment of a just society where human rights are respected and where people are free. This 2020 will be a year of breakthrough and innovation. We are inviting you to follow us and contributes towards advocacy for positive change. We hold our follower in high esteem as we have change our appellation from (Societal Issues and Legality” to “Human Rights and Legal Research Centre

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