Cameroon Separatist Leader Deserves Proper Medical Care-Human Rights Watch says

Barristers Blaise Sevidzeem Berinyuy is one of the 10 Separatists (Ambazonian) leaders arrested in Nigeria and transferred to Cameroon under the abnormal circumstance. The UNHCR described the arrest and subsequent transfer of the said leaders from Nigeria to Cameroon as a violation of the fundamental Humanitarian principle of non-refoulement. The detained leader who is sick was transferred from the Kondengui maximum prison on the 16th of May to the hospital where access by his family was denied while he was mercilessly beaten in the hospital by the brutal security guards for reportedly refusing to be chained while on the sickbed. On the 21st of May, he was equally transferred from the hospital back to the prison under critical conditions

The Human Rights Watch said “Cameroon has a fundamental obligation to treat all prisoners with humanity and respect, and as the authorities grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, they should ensure that all prisoners can take measures such as regular handwashing and have proper access to medical care. They should also ensure sick prisoners receive the medical treatment they need and that their health or lives are not further jeopardized by increasing their risk of Covid-19 infection”.

Human Rights and Legal Research Centre joins the human rights community to advocates for the respect of prisoners’ rights to proper health care during the COVID-19 pandemic

read the full statement from Human Rights Watch below

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