The killers of George Floyd in the United States of America must be brought to book, for justice to reign supreme

Maltreatment of the people of African origin in the United States of America, China, and in general, jurisdictions I described as the Western and Eastern World are unpromising to the respect of human rights. The recent inhuman and barbaric treatment of George Floyd, a black American by police officers is very unfriendly to the principles of human rights. It is racists oriented and the culprits should be brought to book for justice to reign supreme. I will not call it a double standard action but I will call the action as a deliberate disrespect to the people of African origin. For justice to reign supreme, the culprits should not only be fired from work but they should be jailed for murder.

we cannot be fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, and police authorities are deliberately killing people. I condemn this in the strongest terms

                                           Berinyuy Cajetan T.


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