The bossy attitude of Africans is landing us to fiasco during the COVID-19 pandemic discovery

The recent wave of the discovery of COVID-19 organics in Africa by individual herbalist is alarming. it was the responsibility of other African Nations to send their representatives (including herbalists/doctors) to Madagascar to learn from their own, contributes in making the COVID-19 organic which was first produced in Madagascar strong, come together to either upgrade it or maintain the production in Madagascar. It is also the responsibility of the Madagascar government to invite herbalists/doctors from around the continent to come and learn or add to the already developed organics. It is unfortunate that domineering psychology is feeding the great and blessed continent with slow development in the area where there is supposed to be unity. it should have been a wind of change for us Africans in the area of health if we come together, reason together, fight together, and win the war against COVID-19 together.
When we produced our own, we allowed the world to call it locally made by also calling it locally made. But when it is produced by a foreign brother continent they give a different name “scientifically fit or proven products fit for consumption”.
it is time for Africans to come together not to be one country but to have one policy and support our brothers and sisters from different states under the umbrella of a United African States. Then We shall sing in one voice, feel the pain together, feel the happiness together, maintain our principle “Be your brother’s keeper” and share a common culture, religion, and tradition. The soul of our brothers and sisters who had long gone will breathe from beneath the mother earth in happiness and nurture us with the strength to fight for justice and peace. Let us support the COVID-19 discovery in Madagascar by coming together as Africans and believing in our own inventions.

Berinyuy Cajetan T.

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